Mar. 31st, 2012

Title: AR: Give Dirk some barely-friendly advice.
Rating: K-13 for language and mention of the word 'sex'
Pairings: Dirk/Roxy, AR/Roxy, Dirk/Jake mention and love square.
Summary: Dirk's all ready to ask out Jake, but before he can proceed with the plan, the Auto Responder stops him with some advice.

Today's the day. )
Title: Sometimes the Prince Doesn't Get the Girl
Fandom: Homestuck.
Rating: K?
Pairings: Roxy/AR, Dirk/Roxy.
Summary: In the end, he had to choose what made her happy.

She's happy now. )
Title: Loss
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: T for death and blood and language.
Timeline: Alpha. (Written before 4 century revelation)
Characters: Dave Strider, Rose Lalonde, Her Imperious Condescension
Summary: Your name is Dave Strider, and you are about to die. 

There is ocean everywhere, and it feels wrong.  )
Title: Dirk: Be a Sexy Wizard
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairings: Dirk/Roxy
Rating: K-13 for language.
Summary: Inspired by this drawing. Roxy makes Dirk put on a wizard hat and robe.

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