Title: Lost And Found
Warnings: Attempted Suicide and Suicidal thoughts, depression, existential crisis, alcoholism. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK
Fandom: Homestuck
Timeline: Beta Timeline/pre-scratch.
Pairings: Dirk/Roxy (Bro/Mom).
Summary: Dirk Strider and Roxy Lalonde have always been alone. Shuffled from foster home to foster home, always searching for faces in memories that both have and haven't happened yet. They're not the heroes, but even with the distance, fate manages to bring them together.

Note: Headcanon heavy. Involves them being able to remember the alpha session to some extent due to the fact that the sessions happen simultaneously, and outside of time.

You don't know what you're really doing, even, or what you hoped to accomplish )
Title: Dirk: Be a Sexy Wizard
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairings: Dirk/Roxy
Rating: K-13 for language.
Summary: Inspired by this drawing. Roxy makes Dirk put on a wizard hat and robe.

Title: Loss
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: T for death and blood and language.
Timeline: Alpha. (Written before 4 century revelation)
Characters: Dave Strider, Rose Lalonde, Her Imperious Condescension
Summary: Your name is Dave Strider, and you are about to die. 

There is ocean everywhere, and it feels wrong.  )
Title: Sometimes the Prince Doesn't Get the Girl
Fandom: Homestuck.
Rating: K?
Pairings: Roxy/AR, Dirk/Roxy.
Summary: In the end, he had to choose what made her happy.

She's happy now. )
Title: AR: Give Dirk some barely-friendly advice.
Rating: K-13 for language and mention of the word 'sex'
Pairings: Dirk/Roxy, AR/Roxy, Dirk/Jake mention and love square.
Summary: Dirk's all ready to ask out Jake, but before he can proceed with the plan, the Auto Responder stops him with some advice.

Today's the day. )
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